Papua New Guinea is a developing country in the southwestern Pacific Ocean known for its vast rainforests, diverse cultures, and stunning natural beauty.

In recent years, the automotive industry in the country has been on the rise, with a significant surge in sales reported by local dealerships.

The latest statistics on annual car sales reveal a positive trend in Papua New Guinea's automotive market. It highlights the growing demand for passenger and light commercial vehicles (LCVs).

Passenger Car Sales Volume

Do you know how many cars were sold in Papua New Guinea? Well, we have some cool stats to share! In the past year, people in Papua New Guinea bought around 10,000 passenger cars. That's a lot of cars! Passenger cars are the type of cars that are designed to carry people and not goods.

So next time you see a car on the road, remember that it might be one of the 10,000 passenger cars sold last year!

Light Commercial Vehicle Sales Volume

Do you know what a Light Commercial Vehicle is? It's like a car, but it's bigger and can carry more things like tools or equipment for work. In Papua New Guinea, people love buying Light Commercial Vehicles! In 2020, they sold 6,927 of them. That's a lot! It shows that people in Papua New Guinea use these vehicles for their jobs or businesses. It's interesting to see how different countries use cars in different ways.


So, we learned that more and more people in Papua New Guinea buy cars yearly!

This includes passenger cars and light commercial vehicles. This is good news for the country because it means people can travel more easily and businesses can transport their goods more efficiently. It will be interesting to see how car sales continue to change in the future.