When the rainy season draws nearer it can be a dangerous time for people in Port Moresby but if caution is taken fewer unfortunate incidents can be recorded. It is with this in mind that city manager Leslie Alu has urged motorists to take great care when navigating the streets especially flooded sections.

Moresby’s District Metropolitan Chief Superintendent Perou N’Dranou has joined forces with the city management and has deployed officers throughout the capital to help control the traffic situation when congestion results after flooding, in addition to this officers will help keep at bay opportunistic criminals that tend to strike when vehicles are immobilized by traffic jams.

A flood risk warning has been issued to residents in Port Moresby and those who live close to the city’s drainage system; children especially are not to be allowed playtime near drainage sites. Officers will be on site to monitor the flood prone areas.

The National weather service is further urging members of the public to keep abreast with flood/storm warnings lest they be caught unawares. If all necessary precautions are taken and warnings heeded less damage to property and human lives can be anticipated.