Studies show that most road accidents are the product of human recklessness rather than external factors. Therefore, preventing traffic accidents is in our hands.

Keep a safe distance from the vehicle in front
This allows you to react if the car in front of you has an emergency on the road. He may have to avoid an obstacle that you cannot see or he may have a flat tire. In these cases, you must have a distance that gives you the possibility to change lanes or slow down without hitting the other car.

Most of the time, when two cars are closely spaced, rear impacts are likely to occur. In these, the culprit will always be the driver of the car behind for not meeting the required distance.

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The average distance between one car and another should be:

  • For a speed of 90km/h the ideal is 50 meters of distance.
  • For 100km/h it is recommended 55 meters of distance between cars.
  • If you drive at a speed of 120km/h, you should keep a distance of 66 meters.
  • At 130km/h, a distance of 72 meters between the two is recommended.

Do not consume alcoholic beverages or drugs before driving
More and more drivers are exceeding their BAC in Papua New Guinea. This represents a risk for road users, since eventualities caused by excessive consumption of alcohol or drugs are usually really serious. Causing death.

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This is because alcohol and other substances act as central nervous system depressants. Thus affecting the psychomotor functions and sensory perception. That is, whoever consumes them has slower reflexes or may fall asleep. In addition, due to the low sensitivity that you experience at the moment, a false sense of security is created. So he ventures to take unnecessary risks that risk his life and that of others.

Respect transit signals
The function of traffic signals is to guide drivers and pedestrians correctly and safely when traveling. So there is no reason to disrespect them.

These provide information on nearby obstacles, access roads, alternative routes, direction in which you can walk, etc. Failure to comply with any of these previously established rules for safe transit is a hazard.

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Respect the laws, regulations and traffic signals and we will all have a safer walk on the streets.

Don't use mobile devices
Using mobile devices while driving or crossing the street can put your life and the lives of others at risk. These devices represent the number one cause of distraction in recent years.

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The mobile forces you to take your eyes off the road. Many people tend to get lost and concentrate on their mobiles, to the point of not paying even a bit of attention when driving or walking on public roads. If you enjoyed this post and want to learn more about air conditioner maintenance please subscribe to to get the latest news about the car's world, offers and more!