In Papua New Guinea, we almost all have the same dream: to buy a car, and to conquer the roads to go around the country. However, before enjoying this crazy freedom, one must register the vehicle.

Registration explained

The registration is a way to identify your vehicle and includes Compulsory Third Party Insurance. Be careful, it does not cover the material damage and does not include any assistance. It is mandatory, so you do not have the right to ride without a registration, or with a registration whose date is exceeded. It must be transmitted when you buy or sell your vehicle and is renewed once it is no longer valid. To fill in the Registration papers, you must indicate an address where you are applying.

Take a look at the condition of your vehicle

It is important that your vehicle be in good condition before making a registration. Check the brakes, shock absorbers, tires and other technical issues that may affect you when making your registration. An up-to-date certificate of roadworthiness is not enough, so you have to make sure your vehicle is well maintained on a daily basis.

Cost of registration for vehicles classes

– Registration for Private Use (Cars, Utes, Buses)

– Registration for Business Use (Trucks and Utes)


Motor Tractors with an Engine Capacity             

Motor Tractors with Pneumatic Tyres  

Earthmoving Vehicles