Papua New Guinea has achieved a groundbreaking milestone by introducing its first plug-in electric vehicle (EV) fleet. The bustling streets of Port Moresby now bear witness to the emergence of two electric cargo vans and a passenger bus, marking a significant stride towards sustainable and eco-friendly transportation in the country.

Electric Innovation Triumphs Over Challenges

Imported in March through a collaboration between clean energy company Astra Solar and Leasemasters PNG, the three EVs have successfully passed test drives and surpassed expectations. Christian Lohberger, the founder of Astra Solar, lauds the EVs for their lightweight design, absence of toxic fumes, and superior acceleration to traditional petrol-powered vehicles. The EVs showcased unwavering performance even during road trials with added weight.

Features and Benefits of EVs in Papua New Guinea

EVs in Papua New Guinea offer a transformative driving experience, with regenerative braking standing out as a notable feature. This technology allows EVs to harness energy during the braking process, contributing to battery charging. Beyond the driving experience, EVs address concerns related to storing diesel, a prevalent issue with security risks in certain areas.

Green Transition Boosted by Government Support and Tariff Repeal

The government's recent repeal of tariffs on EV imports signals Papua New Guinea's commitment to fostering a greener economy. This move is expected to pave the way for a potential surge in EV adoption, as car dealers representing brands with EVs in their lineup may now introduce these eco-friendly vehicles to the market, aligning with the country's sustainability goals.

Corporate Adoption and Financial Considerations

Astra Solar and Leasemasters PNG plan to facilitate the initial transition to EVs by offering leasing options to corporate clients, particularly those focusing on sustainability and extensive delivery needs. The comprehensive leasing arrangement, covering hire, maintenance, insurance, and registration, aims to make EV adoption financially viable.

While the monthly cost maybe 30% higher than a comparable petrol model, the long-term fuel and maintenance cost savings make EVs a compelling and sustainable choice for businesses.

Navigating the Electric Road Ahead for Papua New Guinea

As Papua New Guinea embraces the era of electric vehicles, the pioneering efforts of Astra Solar and Leasemasters PNG underscore a commitment to sustainability and innovation. With the promise of cleaner and more efficient transportation, government support and evolving consumer preferences, the road ahead is paved with opportunities for a greener and eco-conscious future in Papua New Guinea.


With the introduction of electric vehicles, Papua New Guinea charts a course toward a future characterised by sustainable and environmentally conscious transportation. The collaborative efforts of industry players and government initiatives set the stage for a green revolution that promises cleaner air and a more resilient future for the nation.