With its distinctive and moving look and feel, this is an amazing vehicle that offers its owner a comfortable, smooth ride and a feeling of being at home. Built by Toyota in Japan and Canada, it's a vicious, compact crossover SUV perfect for family and individual use.

Standing out in the market with rave reviews from professional auto mechanics, it ranks among the top five in compact SUVs, top fifteen in crossover SUVs, and top ten in 5-door SUVs. It also comes in several versions, all equipped with unique materials and features - these range from LE, XLE, XLE Premium, Adventure, Limited and the 2020 TRD off-road.

These models come with exclusive standard equipment, something that most older versions do not have and some of these exclusive features have been installed in the new 2020 TRD off-road, such as Android Auto, Apple Carplay, infotainment system screens are more small, and consumption is a little higher, the engine power is lower by 27hp and in all, the Toyota Rav4 off-road TRD leads the driver to a better experience in these factors.

The Rav4 can carry five people in a ventilated area with considerable space to accommodate the body of the driver and passenger in adjustable seats. Complete sets of two Latch style connectors for outdoor child seats with the highest ratings from the Institute of Insurance and Road Safety in Best Sets ranking and easy access lower anchors and three mooring anchors marked.

Getting into the more intrinsic details of the car - the design keeps getting better from model to model, now presenting itself as something appreciable at first glance. Detailed seams in most dashboard plains, seats and doors filled with details of different colors that distinguishes them. It also has soft-touch rubber on the inner door handles and synthetic leather upholstery. It has a load space of 1064Lt, already spacious, which can reach up to 1976Lt if the rear seats are folded.

You can also go for the Rav4 2018-19 models. These have a good driving performance and also a good combination of technological equipment, but without the finishes of this year's Rav4 series. For more information about this car brand, visit www.pngautos.com for a variety of Toyota Rav4 models. The online platform allows you to contact various car dealers, offering the best price. So why wait? Visit now!

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