It is sometimes tempting to import a second hand used car in Papua New Guinea, either because it is much cheaper or because it is not imported into the territory. There is also a significant increase in the number of vehicles imported from the United States or Japan on our roads. However, be careful, about the price of the vehicle or its originality, which cannot motivate you enough to try the adventure.

Administration procedures

Administrative procedures will generally not pose great difficulties. Certificate of assignment, tax clearance and certificate of conformity of the model will suffice to obtain your registration. Be careful, however, to choose vehicles that are not authorize in the country. Otherwise, the Papua New Guinea administration may block your application for registration. Be sure to check with your local authorities before making a purchase.

Costs of imported used cars in Papua New Guinea

To import your vehicle, you will be entitled to various systematic costs that will allow you to register your good:

All these expenses sometimes double the purchase price of the vehicle, and it is very important to get information before starting car importation into Papua New Guinea. Any vehicle imported and abandoned under customs control for more than 30 days is confiscated by the authorities and sold at auction. This is to cover the duties, other handling and storage costs.