On January 14, 1998, the Government of Papua New Guinea promulgated a law that protects citizens in a car accident. Thus, if someone is a victim of a car accident, Compulsory Third Party Insurance (CTP) guarantees a payment.

A great opportunity for excellent drivers

CTP Insurance is a great opportunity for experienced and cautious drivers. It covers the driver in the event of personal injury or death in a road accident. Thus, for injuries to:

You will receive coverage that allows you to deal with serious injuries. However, this insurance does not guarantee any compensation in case of destruction of a vehicle or the loss of a property.

Is this Insurance compulsory?

CTP insurance is mandatory in New Guinea Papua. It will be impossible to register your vehicle without having this insurance. In most cases, an insurance package is included with your registration. But you can also buy it when you renew your registration. You need to get used to the regulations and requirements for CTP insurance to avoid unpleasant surprises.

How does compensation take place?

Compensation generally takes place in two parts:

– The first part is a process in which the funds are allocated to the persons concerned after a car accident. It will also be necessary to establish the responsibility of each other before any actual payment. The offending driver may not receive compensation if his responsibility is promptly established.

– The second part or Basic Protection Compensation (BPC) is provided only in the event of death in a car accident. A judge may order the disbursement of funds, but it should be noted that this does not apply to injuries. In addition, you have no obligation to establish the responsibilities of each other. Get closer to your insurer to learn more about this insurance and its benefits in Papua New Guinea.